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Attorney General Hunter Launches New Effort to Assist Victims of Unemployment Fraud

Attorney General Hunter Launches New Effort to Assist Victims of Unemployment Fraud

OKLAHOMA CITY – Attorney General Mike Hunter today announced his office has developed a new resource to help process unemployment fraud claims.

Individuals or businesses that receive bogus claims are asked to fill out a new form on the attorney general’s website, where the claim will then be directed to the proper law enforcement agency.

Attorney General Hunter said during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increased number of fraudulent filings to the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC).

“After conferring with federal, state and local law enforcement authorities, our office has determined we are well positioned to help victims of unemployment fraud and the OESC, which has seen an inordinate amount of complaints,” Attorney General Hunter said. “Right now, thousands of Oklahomans have a legitimate need for the financial assistance offered by OESC. The hard working citizens of Oklahoma deserve access to these funds, not con artists around the world who are using this public health crisis as an opportunity to exploit our residents and businesses.

“I encourage those who believe they are victims of unemployment fraud, whether as an individual or business, to submit this form to our office, which will allow law enforcement to investigate. I am proud of our team at the Attorney General’s Office who are all stepping up and taking on additional duties during this difficult time.”

Criminals who commit unemployment fraud use the names, addresses and other information to fraudulently file for unemployment benefits intended for Oklahomans who are unemployed. The individual or business being defrauded is notified by mail their name has been used to collect unemployment benefits.

Oklahomans can stop false claims made in their names by contacting the OESC at fraud@oesc.state.ok.us. For more information on false claims and other resources related to unemployment for individuals and business owners, visit https://oesc.ok.gov/.

Individuals are also encouraged to fill out the new form and submit it to the Attorney General’s Office at unemploymentcomplaint@oag.ok.gov so the claim can be investigated by law enforcement.

To access the form, click here.