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Consumer Protection Unit

Through its Consumer Protection Unit (CPU), the Office of the Attorney General is committed to ensuring a safe and fair marketplace in Oklahoma.

To achieve this goal, the Consumer Protection Unit assists Oklahoma consumers through community outreach and education programs, mediation of consumer complaints and taking legal action when necessary against individuals or businesses engaged in deceptive, fraudulent or unfair advertising or sales practices.

Consumer Complaints

The CPU processes thousands of consumer complaints every year. In many cases, the dispute can be resolved over the phone by a consumer representative or through a written mediation process. Through this process, the CPU returns tens of thousands of dollars in refunds to consumers every year. Our consumer representatives can be reached at 405-521-2029 or by email at ConsumerProtection@oag.ok.gov.

Outreach and Education

One of the best ways to ensure a fair marketplace is to provide consumers with the tools to make informed decisions and to spot the warning signs of potential scams. Throughout the year, CPU attorneys, investigators and staff participate in community events to educate Oklahomans on subjects ranging from identity theft, to avoiding scams in the wake of weather-related disasters.

In addition, the CPU also sponsors Consumer Protection Day every year, which brings together representatives from many law enforcement agencies dedicated to helping Oklahomans avoid scams.


The CPU is charged with enforcing many state and federal laws that protect consumers against deceptive, unfair and fraudulent business practices. When appropriate, the CPU will take legal action to remedy violations of these laws.

Consumer Action


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Consumer Complaint

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Avoid Scams after a Disaster

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