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Kenneth Eugene Hogan–January 23th at 6 p.m. Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester

Name: Kenneth Eugene Hogan

DOB: 05/22/1961

Sex: Male

Age at Date of Crime: 27

Victim(s): Lisa Renee Stanley

Date of Crime(s): January 28, 1988

Date of Sentence(s): 11/03/1988

Crime Location: Victims’ Home- 1346 SW 74, Apt. 108
Grecian Gardens Apartments

Judge: Tammy Bass-Jones

Prosecuting: Robert Macy, Sandra Elliot, and Suzanne Lavenue

Defending: Catherine Hammarsten & Anthony McKesson

Circumstances Surrounding Crime:

On the morning of Jan. 28, 1998, Lisa Stanley was at home after her husband George Stanley left for work. The defendant, Kenneth Hogan, met Lisa in church and she often babysat for Hogan and his wife. Hogan arrived at Lisa’s house around noon. Hogan and Lisa began to argue, and Hogan stabbed her 25 times with a large knife, cutting his hand in the process. After the stabbing, Hogan remained in the apartment and arranged things to look as if someone else had been fighting with Lisa and burned the evidence containing his blood.

After initially avoiding detectives, Hogan confessed a week later during an interview with the Oklahoma City Police Department. He confessed after being advised his wife had told police that Hogan had asked her to lie about his whereabouts on the day of the murder. According to detectives, the defendant showed no remorse.

Prior to this case, Hogan committed lewd molestation of a minor and various burglaries. He also enlisted a minor to sell marijuana and threatened coworkers and their families.

Hogan was initially convicted and sentenced to death in 1988. After successful federal appeals, Hogan was retried and again sentenced to death in 2003.

Statement from Attorney General Scott Pruitt:

“Kenneth Eugene Hogan was sentenced to death by a jury of his peers for the heinous stabbing of Lisa Renee Stanley, who was a young wife and a promising student,” Attorney General Scott Pruitt said. “My thoughts and prayers are with Lisa’s family and friends.”

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