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Attorney General O'Connor Responds to Pardon and Parole Board's Clemency Denial for Gilbert Postelle

“Donnie Swindle, Terry Smith, James Alderson, and Amy Wright were brutally murdered at Mr. Swindle’s home in Del City on Memorial Day 2005. Gilbert Postelle chased down and killed two of the victims who were trying to leave the scene. He boasted about committing the murders. Postelle received a jury trial and, in 2008, received the sentence of death for the murders of James Alderson and Amy Wright. This was a just and appropriate sentence for the brutal murders of two innocent victims. These death sentences, as well as his sentences of life without the possibility of parole for the murders of Mr. Swindle and Mr. Smith, were affirmed after years of thorough review by the appellate courts.

"Today, Postelle’s request for a recommendation of clemency was denied by the Pardon and Parole Board by a vote of four to one. I am grateful that the Board denied Postelle’s request for executive clemency.

"The families of the four victims are in our thoughts and prayers,” said Attorney General John O'Connor.