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  • How often are the methods in the Contact Information checked?
    • All methods of communication to the WCIFU are regularly checked and processed.
  • Who should I contact for questions i.e., WCIFU or WCC?
    • For questions involving either Workers’ Compensation or Insurance FRAUD, go to the Contact Information and choose the best method to contact the WCIFU. For any general Workers’ Compensation questions, NOT INVOLVING FRAUD, please contact WCC.
  • How does the Hotline work?
    • All calls to the Hotline number go to a voicemail messaging system. Please clearly leave your name, good contact number, and a brief message describing the nature of the phone call.
  • Can I remain anonymous when filing a complaint?
    • Yes, you can. Just put ‘ANONYMOUS’ on the complaint form indicating your desire to remain anonymous. We still ask that you please leave your contact information on the Form in case we require further information. But at NO time will you be mentioned beyond the complaint form.
  • I submitted a complaint/referral, when should I expect to be notified?
    • ONLY online submissions will receive an automatic DO NOT REPLY confirmation email, all others will not receive a confirmation. Not everyone will be contacted after submission unless further questions or information are needed. The filing of a complaint/referral does not ensure an investigation will be initiated.
  • What is the WCIFU complaint/referral process mean?
    • Each complaint/referral are logged, reviewed, and given consideration once received. However, with each complaint/referral being different and unique, filing a complaint/referral does not necessarily ensure an investigation will be pursued.