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AG Pruitt Congratulates Victim Services Unit on Receiving OSBI Award

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt on Wednesday congratulated members of the AG’s Victim Services Unit for receiving the Director’s Award from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

“Our team in the Victim Services Unit does a great job walking hand-in-hand with crime victims and their families as they interact with the legal system,” Attorney General Pruitt said. “The team, including Lesley Smith March and Karen Cunningham, also provide training and assistance to help law enforcement agencies better serve crime victims. I’m proud of the terrific work they do day-in and day-out and congratulate them on this award that recognizes their outstanding effort.”

The annual award is the highest honor that can be bestowed to someone other than an OSBI employee. It is reserved for the citizen, business, or non-law enforcement agency that, above all others, champions the cause of law enforcement, crime prevention or through some action provides a unique and dramatic impact on a law enforcement or crime-related situation or issue.

“Lesley Smith March and Karen Cunningham provided outstanding support to our effort in addressing the need to provide information to victims and victims' families in the first OSBI Victims' Symposium,” OSBI Director Stan Florence said. “Their efforts brought great resources to our symposium and have helped establish the foundation for future endeavors. Perhaps most important is that the effort put forth by both Leslie and Karen, truly comes from a heart for the victims and their families. Their personal service is recognized by the OSBI, as the framework that will allow us to improve our services to those who have experienced violent crimes.”

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