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AG Scott Pruitt Comments on EPA Decision to Reduce Ethanol Mandate

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt commented on the EPA’s decision to lower the renewable fuel mandate for the first time ever. The EPA announced on Friday it will lower the target of how much ethanol must be blended into the nation’s fuel supply in 2014 from 18.15 billion gallons of ethanol to approximately 15 billion gallons.

In March, the Attorney General filed a “friend of the court” brief in a lawsuit over the ethanol fuel mandate. In that filing, the Attorney General noted increased-ethanol fuel posed a risk to the fuel systems of many of the vehicles on the road today and could even void certain auto manufacturer’s warranties. The brief also noted that 40 percent of the U.S. corn crop currently is used to make ethanol, which the federal government acknowledged could divert corn from the food supply and drive up the cost of food for consumers.

“The evidence is clear that the current ethanol fuel mandate is unworkable. The decision by the EPA to lower that standard is good news for Oklahoma consumers,” General Pruitt said. “It’s good the Administration finally recognized the concerns of consumers and a variety of industries and took steps to correct this flawed program.”


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