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Attorney General Pruitt Names Civil Litigator as Director of New Office of Civil Rights Enforcement

OKLAHOMA CITY – Attorney General Scott Pruitt Friday announced the new director of the Oklahoma Office of Civil Rights Enforcement, and released information about how to contact the office and file complaints.

Assistant Attorney General Daniel Weitman will serve as director of the new enforcement office, which officially transfers to the Attorney General’s Office on Sunday, July 1.

Weitman, a civil litigator and litigation team leader, has worked for the Litigation Unit at the Attorney General’s Office since 2005. He has prosecuted several high profile cases with a focus on lawsuits filed by inmates and against state employees.

Weitman will be meeting with religious, government and civic groups from around the state to answer questions about the specific state and federal roles in civil rights enforcement and how the new office will function.

“The civil rights office can make a positive impact in the lives of Oklahomans, and with the prosecutorial and investigative capabilities at the AG’s Office, we will be able to ensure that the rights of Oklahoma citizens are recognized, investigated and defended,” Weitman said.

The Office of Civil Rights Enforcement initially will consist of the director and three investigators with the full resources of the AG's Office available. The Office will enforce the anti-discrimination statutes in Oklahoma. The attorneys within the Office of Civil Rights can prosecute all cases involving discrimination of persons identified in the statute – race, gender, ethnicity, age and handicap – in housing, employment and public accommodation.

“We are committed to protecting the rights of Oklahoma citizens and consumers on multiple fronts within the Attorney General’s Office and the Office of Civil Rights Enforcement will be part of that commitment,” Pruitt said.

Starting on Monday, Oklahomans who need to report a civil rights violation, can call (405) 521-2029, e-mail OCRE@oag.ok.gov or go online and complete a complaint form at the Attorney General’s website, www.oag.ok.gov.


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