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Attorney General Pruitt Urges Internet Safety for Children during Summer Break

OKLAHOMA CITY – Attorney General Scott Pruitt issued a reminder Monday for parents and children about the importance of computer safety during the summer break from school.

“While the Internet is a good resource for information and communication, it’s important for adults to exercise caution and pay attention to what children are accessing and who they are chatting with online,” Pruitt said. “Safety and security are top priorities.”

Attorney General Pruitt broadened the duties of investigators in the AG’s Multicounty Grand Jury Unit to provide specialized training and expand resources for tracking down criminals who try to exploit children through technology.

According to the Crimes Against Children Research Center, 1 in 5 teenagers say they have received an unwanted solicitation online. Only 25 percent of teens told a parent or adult about the incident.

There are numerous tools available to help parents ensure that their children stay safe online and while using electronic devices. The Attorney General’s Office provides the following tips to create a safe online environment:

· Monitor the sites that children visit;
· Search the web together to find safe and fun sights;
· Talk about the importance of Internet safety;
· Prepare children on how to react to uncomfortable situations online;
· Keep computers in a central common area of the home such as a family room, den or kitchen;
· Tell children never to post their home address, phone number or other private information online;
· Know children’s passwords and other login information;
· Use privacy settings to restrict who can access and post on your child's profile.

To report Internet or cell phone crimes involving children, call the national Cyber Tip Line at (800) 843-5678 or the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation at (405) 848-6724. For more information about tips and resources, go online to www.ftc.gov or www.ok.gov/osbi, click “Investigative.”


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