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Attorney General’s Office Secures New Doses of Lethal Injection Drug Pentobarbital

Supply temporarily averts drug shortage crisis

OKLAHOMA CITY – Attorney General Scott Pruitt Wednesday announced that the state has secured 20 new doses of pentobarbital, the pharmaceutical used in Oklahoma for sentences of capital punishment.

Criminal Appeals Unit Chief Jennifer Miller led a year-long effort by the Attorney General’s Office and the Oklahoma Department of Corrections to locate more doses before a shortage of pentobarbital affected the agencies’ abilities to carry out capital punishment sentences by lethal injection.

“It is essential the state be able to provide justice for victims’ families and fulfill our constitutional duty to carry out sentences recommended by jurors,” Pruitt said.

The provider of the pharmaceutical is confidential under Title 22, Section 1015(B) of Oklahoma statutes, which provides that, “The identity of all persons who participate in or administer the execution process and persons who supply the drugs, medical supplies or medical equipment for the execution shall be confidential and shall not be subject to discovery in any civil or criminal proceedings.”


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