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Attorney General Pruitt Encouraged by Rare U.S. Supreme Court Decision to Hear Oklahoma Abortion Case

OKLAHOMA CITY – Attorney General Scott Pruitt Thursday welcomed the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to review a lower court decision that struck down an Oklahoma abortion law.

“This is an extraordinary decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to review the actions of Oklahoma’s Supreme Court, which has consistently misapplied federal law to strike down Oklahoma abortion laws,” Attorney General Scott Pruitt said. “This law does not ban the use of abortion-inducing drugs, but seeks to protect women from harmful off-label uses. The Court grants less than 1 percent of such review requests and we look forward to the opportunity to defend Oklahoma’s right to protect its citizens.”

Edging closer to a new review of state power to regulate abortion, the U.S. Supreme Court added the Oklahoma case to its docket, while indicating that it would seek additional answers from that state’s Supreme Court.  If the case does go forward to a full-scale ruling by the justices, it could be a test of state authority to ban abortions performed with medicines, rather than surgery.

Oklahoma’s law, passed in 2011, mandates that doctors may only prescribe abortion-inducing drugs such as RU-486 as authorized by the protocol spelled out on the FDA-approved label.  

Instead of ruling on the specific issues of the case, the Oklahoma Supreme Court in a brief opinion ruled that the state law conflicted with federal law. The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals reached a different conclusion in a similar case in Ohio.


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