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AG Issues Warning on Money Gram Scam

“A check in the mail doesn’t always mean money in the bank.”

That’s the message Attorney General Drew Edmondson has today for consumers who may be targeted by a bogus check scam making its way into Oklahoma mailboxes. The warning comes after an Oklahoma man reported receiving a letter offering more than $3,000 in return for his assistance evaluating money gram security.

“The letter includes a $3,666 check,” Edmondson said. “Of that amount, the consumer is asked to send $3,016 to a company ‘field agent’ via money gram,” Edmondson said. “After fees charged to send the money grams, the consumer will be allowed to keep an estimated $500 for participating in the project.”

The scammers hope to make money by convincing participants to send the money before the company check fails to clear the consumers’ bank accounts.

“Unknowing participants in this scam could easily be out more than $3,000 before they ever realize the check they originally received is a fake,” Edmondson said. “It’s a new, very expensive twist on an old scheme.”

The letter purports to be from a company called “Service Impressions.” It essentially offers employment to the consumer in exchange for assistance with “mystery shopping and market research services.” The letter also displays the logos of several major companies including Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Sears and Burger King.

“A preliminary investigation indicates that Service Impressions is a legitimate company whose name is being used to scam consumers,” Edmondson said. “The contact information contained in the letter indicates it is coming from Canada. For that reason, we will likely refer this case to the Postal Inspection Service for further review.

“In the meantime, we want to warn consumers that this scam is out there. Whoever wrote this letter took great pains to make it appear legitimate. So far we have not received any reports about consumers getting caught by this particular scam,” Edmondson said. “We would like to keep it that way.”

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