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Michael Edward Hooper - 6 p.m. Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester

Name: Michael Edward Hooper

DOB: 07/09/72

Sex: Male

Age at Date of Crime: 21

Victim(s): Cynthia Lynn Jarman, 23
Tonya Kay Jarman, 5
Timmy Glen Jarman, 3

Date of Crime: 12/07/93 (bodies discovered 12/10/93)

Date of Sentence: 07/25/95 (1st sentencing)
10/27/04 (re-sentenced)

Crime Location: In a field near 164th and Morgan Road

Judge: Edward C. Cunningham (1st trial and

Prosecuting: Cathy Stocker and Michael Gahan (1st trial and re-sentencing)

Defending: Mitchell Lee and Richard A. Krough (1st trial )
Mark Hendricksen and Julie Gardner (re-sentencing)

Circumstances Surrounding Crime:

Hooper was convicted and sentenced to death for the murders of his ex-girlfriend, Cynthia Lynn Jarman, 23, and her two children, Tonya Kay Jarman, 5, and Timmy Glen Jarman, 3, on Dec. 7, 1993. Hooper drove Jarman and her children to a field in Canadian County where he shot Jarman twice, and then shot her son, Timmy, twice in the head. Five-year-old Tonya witnessed the shootings and escaped from the truck. Hooper chased her through the woods, firing once, missing the girl. Hooper caught up with Tonya and shot her twice in the head. Police found all three bodies in a shallow grave.

The victims had been missing for several days before being discovered. Police records, including domestic violence reports, show that Hooper and Jarman had previously been in a physically violent relationship.

The federal court determined Hooper’s counsel provided ineffective assistance during the punishment stage of his trial and overturned the death sentences. In a 2004 hearing, Hooper was once again sentenced to death.

Statement from Attorney General Scott Pruitt:

“Michael Hooper was found guilty by a jury of his peers and given the death sentence for ending the lives of a young mom and her two innocent children,” Attorney General Scott Pruitt said. “My thoughts are with the families of Cynthia, Tonya and Timmy for what they have endured for nearly 20 years.”

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