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Attorney General Scott Pruitt to Speak at National Conservative Conference

OKLAHOMA CITY –Attorney General Scott Pruitt will be a featured panelist on Saturday at the national Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in the Washington, D.C., area. General Pruitt will discuss Oklahoma’s Affordable Care Act lawsuit during a panel discussion on the impact of the law.

“Oklahoma's Affordable Care Act lawsuit is the point of the spear in the battle to hold the IRS accountable for the agency's unlawful attempts to 'fix' the federal health care law. Executive branch agencies exist to administer the law, not to write them. Oklahoma's lawsuit challenges the administration's attempts to circumvent Congress and govern by executive fiat. This is an important legal fight and I'm honored to be a speaker at the annual CPAC convention to discuss Oklahoma's leadership on these issues."

The annual CPAC meeting is a project of the American Conservative Union and each year brings together students, elected officials, policy experts and citizens to discuss conservative solutions to the issues and policy challenges facing our nation.


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