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Litigation Section

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The Litigation Section is the civil trial division for the Office of the Attorney General. This section defends and prosecutes civil matters for the state and its agencies, officers and employees.

Procedures and policies concerning representation of State officials, employees and state agencies may be found at the following hyperlinks:

Rules of Engagement for representation of state officials and state employees sued in their individual capacities.

Litigation Report Guidelines

Individual Litigation Report Form

Procedures for requesting representation

Cases handled by this section include a full range of civil matters affecting the state. Litigation on behalf of the state is supported in every county, the Oklahoma Supreme Court, every federal district court in the state, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, the U. S. Supreme Court and in other states and foreign jurisdictions.

Since 1985, the Attorney General and the Litigation Section have had the responsibility of defending the state against suits and claims prosecuted under the Oklahoma Governmental Tort Claims Act, 51 O.S. 2001, ยงยง 151 et seq.

The Office of the Attorney General defends state employees when sued for civil rights actions taken during their official duties. A majority of the more complicated and costly trials come from allegations surrounding the hiring, firing and promotion of state employees.

The Litigation Section also has the responsibility to handle and direct the major class action litigation filed against institutions, including the challenges to the juvenile justice system. The unit represents state judicial officers, District Attorneys, Legislators, and the executive branch of state government when sued in both their official and individual capacities.

The Litigation Section is also responsible for tracking the hiring of private attorneys by other state agencies and reporting the costs to state agencies for services provided by private attorneys. The forms used in this process can be found here.

Oklahoma Attorney General - www.oag.ok.gov

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